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 Troubled Brit's live comeback

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Troubled Brit's live comeback Empty
PostSubject: Troubled Brit's live comeback   Troubled Brit's live comeback Icon_minitime4th May 2007, 19:12

KINKY boots. Tick. Short skirt. Tick. Toned abs. Gold star. BRITNEY SPEARS is well and truly back.

The Toxic star performed for the first time in almost three years at a “secret” San Diego gig on Tuesday.

The show was billed under fake band name The M&Ms when tickets went on sale for £17.50.

But fans soon twigged that this was troubled Brit’s comeback and tickets appeared on the net for huge prices.

Some desperate souls forked out up to £200 to be at the 15-minute gig — and when they watched her she MIMED.

Even so, the audience were genuinely pleased to see the fallen pop princess back following a spell in rehab and her ugly split from KEVIN FEDERLINE.

Having left Malibu’s Promises clinic just six weeks ago, the be-wigged star’s low-key gig turned into the usual circus that is her life.

There were 30 paparazzi cars trailing her tour bus as she travelled from her Los Angeles home to the venue.

Britney’s last gig was in Dublin on July 6, 2004, but she burst on stage with her four dancers as if she had never been away.

She, er, lip-synched her way through Baby One More Time and continued with a medley of hits including Toxic, I’m a Slave 4 U, Breathe On Me and Do Somethin’.

Miming or not, the atmosphere inside the House Of Blues was electric.

Security guards had to hold back fans as they pushed their way to the front to get closer to their idol.

To be fair, Britney has always mimed in concerts I’ve seen over the years so there was no change there.

The show might have been brief but the spangly bra-clad one still managed rapid-fire costume changes.

And there was very little banter with fans until she blurted out: “Thanks everyone for coming.”

The future is looking a Brit brighter too, as R&B star NE-YO — whose album Because Of You is No3 in the midweek chart — is keen to work with her.

He said: “I don’t really care what people think about her personally.

“You can’t take away from her that she was a great entertainer and I think there’s still a spot for her in this business — she just needs to get better.”

Britney, it’s over to you.,,4-2007200457,00.html
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Troubled Brit's live comeback
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