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 Madonna's Malawian Mess ---What Are Your Thoughts?

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PostSubject: Madonna's Malawian Mess ---What Are Your Thoughts?   27th June 2007, 01:41

Madonna has adopted a little boy from Africa. The problem is that the Father is expressing confusion over the adoption agreement. He was under the impression that Madonna was going to care for his son and that he would still have parental rights affording him the return of his child once he was older and didn't need round the clock care.

NOTE: The Father's wife died after child birth and his other two children have already died.

What good is it for Madonna to keep this child now? The news reports and stories reveal the the child's father never wanted to give up his rights to his son. Does Madonna think this child will not grow up some day and hear about his father in Africa?

Madonna has no choice but to "DO THE RIGHT" and give the child back to the father. And if she really loves this child (WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN HER ONLY MOTIVATION FOR ADOPTION IN THE FIRST PLACE) Then she should use (even half) the money she would have spent on him, raising him to support the father.
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PostSubject: Re: Madonna's Malawian Mess ---What Are Your Thoughts?   1st July 2007, 16:14

Wow, this is a mess. Sound to me that they took advantage of this mans language barrier. You would thing that before this adoption took place that the legals involved would have had an attorney that could speak the language explain to this man what adoption is? So sad.
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Madonna's Malawian Mess ---What Are Your Thoughts?
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